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MJ Moradi

MJ Moradi


Javad Moradi was born in September 1989 in the city of Shiraz, Iran. From childhood, according to his mother's memories, the walls of his home were always filled with his scribbles and drawings. This led him to pursue an education in the field of arts in high school.

Due to the lack of a painting major in the art high school in his hometown, he had to reluctantly choose graphic design as his major, which turned out to be very beneficial for him. After high school, he continued his education at the University of Art, specializing in painting. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in painting from the University of Art in Shiraz.

From the very beginning of his university studies, he had a strong desire to change the traditional teaching methods of the professors in his country, Iran, who tended to be very traditional and rigid in their teaching approaches. Often stifling the creativity of students.

After six years of continuous work, sparks of becoming a painter finally ignited within him, and at the age of 25, a new person was born. A completely independent painter. His focus as an artist revolves around the social issues prevalent in the environment he lives in. He doesn't separate himself from society because of being an artist; instead, he always address himself as an integral part of the community. The difference is that his language is imagery, and through it, he must express the pains and issues present in society. He hopes to share these controversial social and cultural ideas with the world through his art.

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