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Rojan Jafari

Rojan Jafari


Rojan Jafari is a multi-talented artist from Iran. Growing up in Tehran, she was surrounded by a creative family, her father was a documentary filmmaker and her mother was an aspiring actress. Her parents encouraged her to be creative from a young age, covering the walls in paper and letting her play with paint, pens, brushes, and markers. Her mother was studying at the Tehran University of Art and would often bring five year old Rojan into her classes. Being surrounded by so much passion and creativity gave Rojan an artistic spark that would grow into a burning flame as she got older.

After graduating high school, she enrolled in the University of Applied Science and Technology, majoring in painting and 3D Animation. Excelling in her classes, she graduated after four years and moved to Istanbul to work as a 3D animator. During that time she continued to develop her style and craft as a painter, working with several different mediums.

Growing up in Iran as a woman with limited freedoms has inspired Rojan’s art from day one. While not every piece is directly tied to her experience there, it has been embedded in her character and she draws on it everyday in her life. Passion, struggle, strength, and knowledge have defined her life experience and are reflected in her art.

Sharing her art and identity with the world is something that drives Rojan to continue creating and Art Locale has given her the opportunity to do so.

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