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Pejman Malmir

Pejman Malmir


Pejman Malmir, born in 1984 in Iran, is a versatile artist whose primary focus lies in painting and 2D animation. Since childhood, his profound passion for painting has been a constant and enduring aspect of his life.

Pejman is also both a talented animator and director. Notably, he has achieved significant recognition for two works, "Gray Gray World" and "Boot", where he served as the art director. These exceptional animations have garnered acclaim by successfully securing spots in esteemed Oscar-qualifying festivals. In a groundbreaking achievement, both works earned a place in the 2024 Oscar section, marking a notable milestone for Iranian cinema.

Pejman Malemir's contributions to the field have not gone unnoticed, as he has been honored with awards in the animation department in Iran. Illustration and animation, serving as the cornerstone of his artistic journey, continue to be integral and pivotal elements in shaping his life's work.

His unique artistic style and rich cultural roots make him stand out in the art world. Art Locale is proud to offer his work to the world.

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