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Nur Bardakçı

Nur Bardakçı


May 27, born in Konya, Türkiye.

“Amidst a wearying conflict, we may yearn for a moment to catch our breath and resume where we left off, but such an opportunity rarely materializes…

Similar to how we cannot request a 'time out' before dying or a 'reconsideration' before birth...

As we approach the beginning of life or when we are already living, we cannot seek a 'respite' from the unfolding events or circumstances..."

The subjects that the artist concentrates on find themselves at the heart of this longing. This situation involves transforming the process and perception of the action, previously confined within its own space, into a new concept, allowing the motion to break free from the constraints of the photo frame. The impulse to disentangle from overthinking and embrace simplicity seeks to convey the inherent complexity, as the saying goes. Her works, revolving around themes like mental illnesses, the human anatomy of gentrification, selectivity in perception, and the observation of selective perception processes, adopt a language of self-expression tailored to their respective subject matter.

This effort involves intertwining the wreckage of the past with present memories, exploring the ramifications of reality and unending longing through emotional states, and subjecting the other to the resulting repercussions. These themes are conveyed through approaches such as anxiety, fear, and worry…

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