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Mahmud Awaza

Mahmud Awaza


Mahmoud Awaza is a Lebanese artist who grew up in a simple family on the outskirts of Beirut. Since he was a child, he had a special knack for observing everything around him with great care. He paid attention to the smallest details, like how things were arranged, how light played on objects, and the many colors he saw. He also noticed the expressions, gestures, and voices of people around him.

After earning master's degrees in Interior Architecture and Landscape and Environment from the Lebanese Official University, Awaza pursued his dream of becoming an architect. However, his passion for art was always there, waiting for a chance to shine. Eventually, he turned to painting as a way to express his creativity.

Awaza devoted countless hours to painting, exploring different colors, techniques, and styles. This artistic journey allowed him to convey his feelings and thoughts through his artwork. He believes that artists are like storytellers who use the canvas to share ideas that have grown within them over time, shaped by their life experiences.

In Awaza's view, a painting can sometimes reveal hidden thoughts and unfinished ideas from deep within his mind, while other times, it reflects his conscious reflections. He sees the canvas as a way to understand himself better and to let others glimpse into his inner world.

Mahmoud Awaza's artistic journey is a beautiful example of how art can transform and evolve over time. It started with his quiet observations as a child and continued through his academic studies, culminating in vivid and emotionally charged paintings.

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