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Elisa Arend

Elisa Arend


Elisa is a creative soul who finds joy in merging landscapes, city vibes, and botanical wonders. On her journey from a cozy German wine village to the lively streets of Istanbul, her paintings reflect a constant evolution and a deep love for nature. At 28 years old, having moved through eight different cities, Elisa's diverse adventures shape her art, providing her with a colorful perspective on the world.

Elisa's artistic realm, where she creates stories with Adobe Illustrator that strike a balance between chaos and order, serves as an inspiring retreat. Drawing from her background in landscape architecture and botany, she initiates the process with hand-drawn sketches, often inspired by sights she has encountered or captured through photography. Each stroke represents a deliberate exploration of shapes and colors, later translated into digital art. Her creations form a dreamy sanctuary where colors interact freely, encouraging you to uncover hidden depths by peeling back the layers. Elisa finds satisfaction only when the overall composition exudes harmony.

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