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This piece represented my experience growing up as a Mexican American. I have been told to “Go back to my country” and to “speak English in public, not Spanish.” Regardless of these experiences, I wouldn’t trade my culture for the world. I am proud to be Mexican and to have Aztec power running through my veins. I painted a self-portrait of myself in a nopal plant, then I covered it with cards from a Loteria game. The phrase “con el nopal en la frente” is a saying used to describe people who appear to be native Mexican but do not embrace their culture or speak the language.

“Con El Nopal En La Frente” by Thalia Martinez

  • Thalia Martinez Bobadilla was raised in Santa Barbara. Working with acrylic, watercolor, oil paint, and even charcoal, she paints with vibrant and bold colors. In doing so, she inserts an unexpected twist into...Read More