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Madeline Miller is a 20 year old hapa artist living in Isla Vista while she finishes her art degree at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She makes comics, drawings, paintings, and prints, often working with the surreal and exaggerated. In her art, she juxtaposes the fantastical and the mundane; in blending intense caricature with "slice-of-life" subjects, Madeline is able to disregard the constrictions of space and time and find beauty in the translation of imagination. 

In this last year, she's been working primarily on digital art. This includes using Photoshop to draw comics and paint graphics that can be easily duplicated. Despite her more recent endeavors, she still finds joy working with more traditional mediums, especially ink. She developed this love through a long history of formal art classes, where she used raw materials such as graphite, paint, ink, and clay.


She currently illustrates for KCSB-FM 91.9 in Santa Barbara, The Catalyst Literary Arts Magazine at UCSB, and does freelance artwork on the side. To get in contact or view her full portfolio, visit her website here.


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