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Buy One. Grow One.

2 green leaves

Art Locale wants to do its part to support the environment and the people that live in it. That's why we support Trees for the Future (TREES).

For each print sold, a tree is planted.


Cultivating Change with Regenerative Agriculture

Planting Trees, Growing Hope.

What they do

Through agroforestry and sustainable land use training, Trees for the Future equips farmers to cultivate robust regional economies, flourishing food systems, and a healthier planet.

The Mission

Farmers create a legacy of opportunity by embracing sustainable methods and cultivating their enviorments.

Their mission revolves around enhancing the quality of life for underprivileged farmers by rejuvenating depleted lands.

Where they operate

TREES collaborates with thousands of farming families across nine sub-Saharan African countries. Throughout our 30+ years of operation, they've had a global presence.


Since 2014, they have concentrated their efforts in specific African nations, where climate and economic challenges were most urgent, enabling them to have the most positive effect.

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