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Erman Cobanoglu

Erman Cobanoglu


Born in Istanbul in 1982, Erman has been immersed in the world of painting and sculpture since childhood, a journey that profoundly shaped his understanding of reality. Guided by Teymur Rzayev, his art instructor during his college years, he cultivated a philosophy that values the conceptual depth of lines over mere aesthetic beauty.

This transformative educational experience led him to explore the nuanced meanings within the works of diverse painters and artists, with Hieronymus Bosch standing out as a particularly influential figure. Growing up in the culturally rich and cosmopolitan environment of Istanbul, he viewed it as an invaluable opportunity to embrace and understand different cultures.

These cultural interactions have left a lasting impact on his artistic expressions, where his works illuminate various compositions and reflections on contemporary themes such as creation, existence, balance, inquiry, equality, and critical values. His pieces have garnered attention from art enthusiasts for their depth and thought-provoking nature.

Continuing his artistic journey in Istanbul, the artist actively participates in a variety of exhibitions and auctions, showcasing his evolving perspective and contributing to the vibrant art scene.

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