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Afsaneh Ebrahimi

Afsaneh Ebrahimi


Afsaneh's journey began in Isfahan, Iran, in the year 1995.

Her father was a musician, and her mother was a painter. The first art form she encountered was music, and she developed a strong interest in it. From an early age, she also started painting and illustrating, and eventually chose graphic design as her field of study. At the age of 23, she separated from her family to build her own independent life and eventually became involved in graphic design.

She faced many challenges along this path, both financially and professionally. However, she never let go of her passion for art. She felt the need to incorporate pure art into her life and, along with her job, she decided to create images with her own perspective and style of the world around herself. She also dedicated herself to learning music theory to infuse a more beautiful spirit into her artworks.

She designed the world around her in praise of colors and a minimalist style (very simple, two-dimensional, and colorful), using realistic images only for living beings such as humans, animals, etc.In the end, the images became a combination of digital two-dimensional paintings and photomontage. She always wished the world was something different and tried to depict her colorful imaginings for everyone to see.

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